Funeral Lighting

Funeral Lighting
Funeral Lights In some states, purple lights signify a funeral vehicle. These funeral lights can be grill lights, light bars and grill glares, which deliver an intense visual warning. This is important in states such as Missouri, West Virginia, New Hampshire,Texas,Louisiana, Ohio and many more states where funeral processions has the right-a-way and the escort vehicle has a flashing purple light. Because the color is so significant, it is very important to find lights with vivid and strong colors. Cenla Emergency Lights has a full collection of high-quality, LED purple lights, other colors , for Police, Fire/EMS, Towing , And of Course Funeral.
Nova Microdash Strobe Dash Light
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LUMAX Grill Glare (Purple)
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LUMAX Flash Dash-P/P
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Funeral Procession Lighting Due to numerous requests from funeral directors we have now launched our range of funeral procession lighting. At a family's time of grieving and sorrow, the last thing they should worry about is getting lost in the funeral procession. We now offer the sale of strobe and halogen warning lights to the funeral industry. From hide-a-way strobe lights, dash lights, roof lights and even mini-lightbars we can fulfill your need. The benefits include better protection for the entire procession and less chance of vehicle separation. Please note that officially there is no provision for the use of purple lights within the Road Traffic Act.